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Dad Claims His 2-Year-Old Girl Already Makes Him Feel “Dumb”

Ain’t nobody more manipulative than a toddler.

It's different for everyone, but there's a time that comes when your sweet child transforms from a baby into a toddler with a lot of attitude. Sure, all kids are different, but the phrase "the terrible twos" doesn't exist for no reason. Toddlers at this age love to test boundaries and push their parents' buttons on their way to figuring out how to be a person.

If you ever feel alone in this, don't — there are a lot of parents out there experiencing this tough phase right along with you, including one dad who's sharing his experience on TikTok. According to him, his 2-year-old already makes him feel dumb, and after watching this video, we can really relate.


From his car, Dad told a story about how he offered his daughter, Ella, a piece of cheese if she came downstairs with him (ah, yes, bribery... we know it well). He told her that she could have one piece of cheese, but by the time they made it downstairs and to the fridge, she argued that he said she could have two, and she did it so craftily that he actually started doubting himself.

"She's making me feel stupid at two years old. I can only imagine when she grows up and she's way smarter than me when she's like four," he said.

Plenty of fellow parents got a kick out of this video, sharing their opinions in the comments.

One viewer joked, "Gaslight, gatekeep, girl boss." Another warned him, "Wait till she starts 'reminding' you of things when you’re distracted. That’s how my daughter gets cookies/candy from her dad all the time." 

Raising toddlers is not for the weak. You're not alone, Dad!