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Daughter Treats Parents to Nice Meal and Dad Makes Hysterical Mistake

Clearly he’s not a “fancy” guy.

It feels so great as an adult to be able to do nice things for your parents. Whether it's a meaningful gift or theatre tickets or a nice dinner out, as in this video from @zozoroe, there's no better feeling than seeing your parents enjoy themselves and knowing that you made that happen. 

Sometimes, though, parents might not be used to the level of fancy you're gifting them, as was the case with this family. Clearly the daughter wanted to bring her parents to the most high end restaurant she could, which is totally sweet, but her dad was a little bit unfamiliar with some of the fancier aspects of the place. 


So hilarious. The sound the dad made when she told him it was a towel! And the shade of red that poor man turned. Your heart just goes out to him. Everybody has been in a situation they weren't completely prepared for at some point and weren't sure how to act. This guy is all dressed up and ready to act accordingly, but those towels just came out of left field. 

Commenters related to the dad 100 percent. The consensus? Those little towels look exactly like marshmallows:
"To be fair i thought they were marshmallows too"
"Tbh I thought it was a marshmallow"
"I thought it was a marshmallow too lol"
"I definitely thought they were marshmallows"
"My first thought was fancy marshmallow to be completely honest"

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See? Marshmallows. And with so many people saying it, maybe marshmallows as an appetizer is something fancy restaurants should consider. Could be the next big thing. 

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