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Hysterical Dad Nails the Struggle Of Disciplining a Strong Willed Toddler

We feel seen.

Really getting the hang of disciplining a child is hard enough, but when it comes to toddlers, it's almost downright impossible. If it's a war of the wills, the toddler will win almost every time — who are we, as tired parents, to go toe to toe with them? Unfortunately, it is something that every parent has to figure out for themselves, as difficult as it is in the process. 

With as exhausted as we can be from trying to reason with a toddler who cannot be reasoned with, It's important to find a way to laugh about it. And seeing this dad describe disciplining a toddler on TikTok so accurately is definitely one of those ways.


The clip starts out with a dad leaning into a car, telling his toddler that he is the parent, and that means the child has to listen to him when he says it's time to stop screaming when he doesn't get his way.

Cut to a clip from Star Wars of Anakin Skywalker saying, "you underestimate my power." Yep, this is exactly how our toddlers would respond... just maybe not in so many words. And considering the TikTok was about holding the "high ground" as a parent, he couldn't have chosen a more perfect movie scene to illustrate his point.

The toddlers may win some days, but at least thinking of this video can make us laugh when it happens.