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Dad Was Left to Dress Daughter On His Own and Mom Couldn’t Get Over His Hilarious Mistake

To begin, we want to make it perfectly clear that we don’t think all dads are buffoons. There are millions of loving, attentive, generational trauma breaking dads out there who deserve their flowers. And while we also like to think we aren’t too prone to succumbing to gender stereotypes, sometimes dads mess up in such a dad way, you can’t help but giggle. 

One papa in particular is getting called out on TikTok, who was on dressing baby duty. When mom wrapped her arms around her little one on her lap, she immediately knew something was wrong with her otherwise adorable outfit. And the flub is just too funny. 


After feeling something bumpy under her daughter’s dress, her mom lifted up her skirt to casually reveal that dad had left the frilly diaper cover not only off her bottom, but attached with tages to the inseam of the dress. The mom laughed as she ripped the tags off to free the diaper cover from the dress as he husband can be heard saying that he didn’t realise that part was supposed to detach and go on her separately. 

Some folks in the comments section swore that this was a classic example of “weaponized incompetence,” but truthfully? Its seems like a harmless, hilarious, first time dad mistake. 

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“Those little things really hide in new dresses, I’ve done this countless times with my baby,” one parent commented in solidarity. 

Though it did leave a few folks baffled. 

“I have questions - what did he think that piece existed like that for? Fashion,” another playfully asked.

Honestly we had the same thought. In terms of mistakes a parent could make, this one is pretty mild. So everyone should just take a moment, laugh at the blunder, and file this as something to check in on the next time dad dresses the baby. 

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