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Dad Makes Infant Son “Talk” to Big Sister and She Can’t Get Enough of It

This is the best.

Having a second child is always challenging for everyone in the family, but when babies are so little, the bond between them and their older sibling doesn't always form right away. Toddlers can't always understand why their new little brother or sister can't play with them or talk to them. And of course, there's that nasty adjustment period where they're figuring out they're not the only child anymore.

But one dad on TikTok seems to have figured out the perfect way to get his infant to bond with his big sister. In a video Mom shared on the app, we can see Dad making the baby "talk" to his big sis, and she's loving every second of it.


This video is pure silliness, so we can see why this kid loves it so much! Dad not only makes the baby talk to his sister, but also to their fellow baby cousin... and the baby even "jumps" up and down on big sis, using her like a trampoline. The baby "hugs" her, compliments her outfit, and even sings along to "Let It Go" from Frozen. So many giggles!

In the comments, Mom wrote that she does think it's helped their relationship along. "Sometimes she will ask us to have him talk to her," she wrote.

We can't knock what works... and it looks like this is something the entire family gets a kick out of (not to mention thousands of people on the internet). 

If you're struggling with the transition from one kid to two, this might actually be a good time to start making that baby "talk." Who knows? It worked for this family!