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Dad Creates Hysterical Makeshift Kangaroo Pouch With Sweatpants and It’s the Cutest Thing Ever

The kids had a blast.

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There's a reason that so many dads get a rep for being fun. Not that moms aren't fun too, of course, but somehow, dads manage to think of the silliest ways to make their kids laugh, even if it's going to totally embarrass them (and sometimes us, the moms) in the process. After becoming a parent, it's wild to find out what you're willing to do just to get a smile out of your kiddos! 

And not only did this dad on TikTok manage to crack himself up, but he's also cracking up the hundreds of thousands of people who can't get enough of this video. He pretended to be a kangaroo to make his kids laugh, resulting in the most adorable (and hysterical) moment. 

He made a pouch out of his sweatpants and came hopping into the room with his daughter in his "pouch," giggling the whole way — and making everyone else laugh in the process. This is the perfect example of the kind of silliness that only dads can manage to conjure up.

"Did somebody call for a kangaroo?" he called before jumping into the room. 

So many people gushed about how adorable this moment is in the comments, with fellow parents finding their own way to relate to it personally.

"This is the perfect depiction of dads at bedtime when moms spent forever trying to calm and relax them," one person joked.

What we love most, though, is that this is one of those sweet and ordinary family moments that they're going to be glad to have captured on video when their kids are all grown up.

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