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Funny Dad Has the Best Response to Son’s Complaint of Monsters Being in His Room

He’s building character.

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Monsters in the bedroom are a common childhood complaint, it seems. Often relegated to the closet but sometimes found under the bed or right there in the middle of the room, monsters in a child's bedroom live to keep them up at night, shaking in terror, calling out for mom and dad. 

Most of the time, parents respond with some calming words and maybe a glass of water. But the dad in this video from @okayfam has a totally different approach. When his son comes to tell him there are monsters in his bedroom, his dad isn't surprised at all. Nope, he says he sent the monsters there to get them out of his own room. What?! That was a sneaky trick, dad.

Sheesh! He's gonna make a nice roast out of you?! And now the brother gets to sleep with dad? Seems like something is up here. Just like the kid admitted to roasting his dad all the time, it could be that this kid is getting just a little bit roasted himself. 

Parents thought the dad's dark sense of humor was hilarious and totally appreciated his approach. 
"Glad I'm not the only one giving my kids a dark sense of humor and excellent sarcasm and wit."
"Emotional damage"
"Soooo wrong Dad but soooo great! lmfao"
"we always tell our boys, if there was a monster in our house it would've eaten you already! also your night light gives you away!"
"It's our job as parents to build character. Nice job dad"
"Hahaha when my son asked me to shut his closet door I pretended to whisper inside it to 'be quiet'"
"Parenting goals."
"I thought I was doing it wrong glad to see we are on the same page"

Every parent has their own way of doing things! That's what makes the world an interesting place. 

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