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Baby Absolutely Loses It Over Dad’s Hysterical Pacifier Trick

There’s no laugh like a baby laugh.

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Oh, the sound of a baby's laugh. Hands down, one of the biggest perks of parenting is getting to listen to baby laughter regularly, because every baby belly laugh you hear must add at least a few months to your life span. It's the sound of absolute pure joy. Plus, how cute is it that babies actually have a little tiny sense of humor? That they actually find things funny?? It's just so cute.

In this video from @storiesbabyy, we get to hear a fantastic baby laugh. This one starts out big and just gets bigger. See, daddy has figured out THE most hilarious trick with the baby's pacifier, and it just gets funnier every time he does it. 

Wheee! There goes the pacifier and there goes the baby, laughing his little head off. Who knows why he thinks this trick is so funny? Is it daddy's facial expression? Is it watching his binky go flying through the air? Hard to say. Baby humor is more complex than it seems.

Commenters couldn't get enough of this merry little man.
"love the way the baby puts his head back to laugh"
"Baby's laughter will always wipe any sadness you are feeling off the face of the earth, it's so beautiful and contagious"
"cutest baby laugh I ever heard"
"Ok I've watched this 93 times. I need help"

It IS hard to stop watching that baby crack up! Talk about an instant mood-lifter. 

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