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Boy Has the Best Reaction To Getting the Living Daylights Scared Out of Him by Prankster Dad

That kid was having none of it.

Every family has a unique way of “dealing” with one another. Sometimes families do serious talks, some are really affectionate, and others really love to lean into their playful side. Thankfully for us, those who live on the mischievous side of life have taken to recording their family’s wildest antics, and we get to laugh along with them.

Though occasionally pranking our kids can leave them feeling slightly traumatized, the good-natured fun of it all is something they will eventually look back on and laugh about. And no one is better at making kids run for the hills than a prankster dad. One dad recently scared the ever-living daylights out of his son when he ran up on him in a mask.


The poor little dude was minding his business when his mom asked him to grab something for her from the kitchen. In a scary mask, dad busts out of nowhere and “attacks him.” The kid initially screams but then immediately starts fighting back, and TBH his parents couldn’t have really hoped for a better reaction. 

“At least he’s a fighter,” joked one user.

And that’s certainly true. He kicked and flailed at dad until he stopped. 

“He’s a younger sibling, every older siblings knows the bicycle kicks,” validated another.

Considering the little man didn’t even shed a tear, we know he can take a joke and walk away from this one ok.