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Dad Re-Tells the Plot of "Titanic" With Character from Paw Patrol and It’s Too Funny

We like this version better

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Sometimes it can be hard to keep those bedtime stories fresh. You can read from books, sure, or you can make stories up. Some parents prefer to tell their own versions of classic tales, whether they're from books or even movies. If you're @topherharless, you tell your kids your own take on the plot of the Titanic movie. Except his kids have a rule about bedtime stories: they have to involve the characters from Paw Patrol. That's no challenge for this dad! Switch out Kate and Leo with Skye and Chase and you get a surprisingly compelling that brings out the same question in its viewers as the original.


What happened to Chase? Why was Skye okay with it? And why did she drop that "crystal dog treat" in the ocean, anyway? This dad was pretty clever to include these q's from the original in his recap, as they make it all the more authentic. And his kids are clearly highly, highly entertained. This dad is such a great reminder to parents everywhere: bedtime doesn't have to be boring. You don't have to rely on traditional stories or storybooks for your material, you can definitely think outside the box. 
Parents were unsurprisingly all over this trend, with lots of complementary comments, some asking for more:
"'Paint me like one of your French Bulldogs' the things we do as parents to not lose our minds"
"We need a Twilight rendition. I am begging you!"
"Can you do “Pup fiction”?"
Not so sure how kid-friendly you could really make that last one, though it would be entertaining.