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Hilarious Dad Nails the Insanely Different Way 90s Parents Dealt With Sickness Compared To Us

If you don't laugh, you'll cry.

As a working mother, I can tell you first hand that colds and sickness is one of the banes of my existence. Our small world at home completely halts while the world outside insists we press on. And honestly sometimes? It feels excessive the degree to which we are supposed to halt all things for a sniffle or cough (current health crisis not withstanding).

Not to sound all "I walked up hill both ways in the snow with only my bare feet," but truly when we were kids, if the nurse called our parents, they'd tell us to suck on a mint and go back to class. 

If you feel remotely the same, you absolutely have to check out this hysterical parody video one dad made that perfectly illustrated what being a parent in the 90's v. today is like. 


I mean, spot on right? When we were kids, our parents would give them explicit instructions on what to do for us to avoid any and all culpability. Today, we drop everything for a sniffle and pick them up no matter what is going on.

While both are absolutely a dramatization, make parents feel very similarly to this dad.

"I'm GEN X and I don't remember EVER getting to go home if I was not feeling well. We laid down in the nurses office until we felt 'better,'" wrote @Ginamarina74.

"I totally remember the nurse giving me medicine in school. now they can't even give them Tylenol," added @CrystalNaliborski.

Of course, this is entirely in good fun. We all know we love our babies and will do anything for them, even pick them up for a "half cough."