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Mom Catches Husband and Newborn Sleeping In the Most Impossible Position

Taking “sleep when the baby sleeps” to a whole new level.

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There's a reason why people always make fun of the dads in their lives for taking naps — it's like these dudes can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. Sure, being sleep deprived is just part of being a parent, but dads really take it to another level. And this napping obsession almost always continues long past the years where the kids are waking them up at night! 

The perfect example of this is this dad in a TikTok video that is currently going viral. Sure, he was supposed to be watching his kids, but he didn't let that keep him from falling asleep in what looks like the most bizarre (and probably uncomfortable) position ever. 

Dad was on duty with his newborn and older daughter when Mom walked in to find out that he was literally sleeping on the job. What seems impossible to figure out, though, is how he managed to nod off with his body contorted over the couch like that. It certainly didn't seem to bother him, though... or the baby who was peacefully napping on Dad while the older kiddo was on the couch eating a snack.

And nobody was more confused than he was when Mom woke him up. This poor man was so deep in his nap he probably didn't even know what day it was. And big sister had to jump in to remind her dad how to hold that sleeping baby properly!

According to Mom, he is known for falling asleep in the weirdest positions, which she said in a comment is because he "slept on everything but a bed growing up." Yep, that'll do it.

And unsurprisingly, plenty of viewers could relate. "My hubby can do that. I try to beat him to sleep so I don’t have to break out the earplugs when he snores me out of the room," one fellow mom commented. 

This is a skill unique to dads for sure. How did his back not hurt for days after that nap?