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Dad Has Mighty Creative Way to Wake Son Up For School

Someone called this the "Nick Jr. version of waterboarding."

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Some parents get kids who are awake at the crack of dawn and ready to take on the day well into their elementary school years, while others end up with kids who sleep like a log. It's really the luck of the draw here, and if you happen to be raising someone who is not a morning person, you'll know. Getting them up for school when they want to keep sleeping can be next to impossible sometimes! 

And while we wouldn't necessarily believe this dad's unconventional solution to that problem would work for every child out there, we have to admit that it does seem effective for his kiddo. In this TikTok video, Dad got creative in waking his son up for preschool in the most hilarious way.

In his caption, Dad wrote that being a parent means coming up with "new and inventive ways" to wake his kids up, and we'd say he definitely reached that goal. Even after he got his preschooler out of bed, his eyes were still closed... but that all changed when he took him into the bathroom and started splashing water on his face! 

We can see where some kids would absolutely hate this, but this sleepy little guy seemed to love every minute of it. He might have been telling his dad to stop, but he was cracking up the whole time, and really started his day off on a happy foot.

"To think that kid will forever have this memory in his back pocket in his adult life," one commenter wrote. 

Not only did his method work, but it's also pretty cute — and we don't doubt that laughing with his dad is a great way for him to start off his day.

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