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Dad Hysterically Pulls Ultimate Dad Move and Does Daughter’s Hair With Zip Ties

That’s one way to make sure they never fall out.

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While there are no child-rearing tasks that can't be done by either gender parent, it seems that certain chores just fall to one parent or the other based on who has the most experience with whatever needs to be done. Perfect example? Hair. While there are certainly dads out there who pride themselves on their tidy French braids and awesome Pinterest-perfect hairstyles, more often than not it seems to be mom who's in charge of the ponytails. 

That doesn't mean that dads can't try to learn, of course. In this video from @karen.disapproves, we get to see what happens when Dad lets mom sleep in (good job, Dad!) and decides he can handle the hairstyling for the day. How did he do? Well...

Maybe he couldn't find the hair ties? Or maybe he didn't know how to work them and just figured he should go with something he knew how to use? In his mind, they got the job done. And, in truth, they pretty much did. Maybe it could be part of a "no waste" movement?

Commenters had to give the dad credit for trying (and also found the whole thing really amusing)...
"To be fair those pigtails are pretty bang on"
"it'll last all day..."
"He was sooo pleased with himself"
"Could have at least trimmed the excess lol"
"Bud light presents 'Real men of genius'"
"Hear me out. Get him glitter zip ties for next time"
"Did it last all day? The number of ponytails I fix every day is maddening...

Hey, the girls had their hair out of their face all day and mom got to sleep in...seems like a win-win!

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