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Mom Catches Sassy Daughter Casually Rocking Out to Metallica

She’s gonna be a great teenager.

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You never know when your little one is going to take after you in some way or another. Sure, you expose them to various, food, whatever else...but you expect them to develop their own tastes, and it's always a surprise when suddenly you find them asking for your number one snacks or turning on your favorite tunes.

In this hilarious video, @meganmunster discovers her little girl having some alone time, listening to Metallica, and she knows exactly where she got the inclination. "She's definitely my kid," she wrote. 

"She's gonna be a problem when she's a teenager," the mom added, though that's not necessarily true. Maybe she'll be super self-aware and in touch with her emotions and knows how to get her negative feelings out. Remember, she's learning a lot more from her mom than just her musical taste. 

Commenters loved how she got startled when her mom came in, like she was just so totally involved in her "makeup" and her music she forgot anybody or anything else even existed. 

"Please do a side by side of this when she's a teenager doing her makeup so sweet"
"You scared her she was probably pretending to be you"
"This is the cutest thing ever lol"
"i'm still like this lol nothing will change"

That's what it's all about: Sometimes we are who we are from the very beginning of our lives, and we don't change all that least not our habits and preferences! It could be that this girl listens to Metallica while she does her makeup for the rest of her years.  

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