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Mom Realizes Deaf Son Has Been Rocking Out to Her Music After iPhone Connects to His Hearing Device

He had no complaints.

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It's funny how toddlers just kind of go with the flow and take what happens as what should be happening. Like, if there's a tasty snack for the taking, they'll eat it without questioning where it's coming from. Or if there's good music playing, they'll start dancing...without wondering why it's playing in their ears.

In this adorably hilarious video from @felicia_aquilo, a mom's music accidentally streams to her toddler's hearing devices without her realizing...until she finds him rocking out to his own private dance party. What a cutie!

"10 out of 10 times that I think the audio on my phone is broken it's just because it's getting streamed directly to Isaiah's head," the mother wrote. "It's a good thing he seems unbothered by my cleaning playlist."

So adorable. He was really bopping to the music! He's seriously got rhythm, and it's so cool that there are listening devices for hearing impaired kids that let them hear music!

Commenters thought the episode was so cute:

"Imagine music just spawning in your head"
"And because he's not naturally hearing, I bet he didn't realize he was the only one that could hear. Adorable"
"kids living in his own movie. music just randomly starts playing at different parts of his day"
"he's just jamming away! That's awesome!!!"

Truly adorable. And it must have made his mom so happy to find him enjoying music like that. Here's to many more dance parties in the future!

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