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Mom Uses TikTok to Help Figure Out What Dino Son Keeps Requesting to Be For Halloween and They Finally Cracked the Case

He’s overjoyed that she figured it out.

Though the toddler phase can be a tricky one for many parents, it's also a time when our kids start really communicating. They pick up speech so quickly, even if we don't always understand what they're trying to say. Most of the time, we get it right, but little kids have a way of pronouncing words that leaves us trying to figure out what it all means for days.

That includes this adorable little guy who's going viral on TikTok. He kept trying to tell his mom what kind of dinosaur he wanted to be for Halloween, and though she was totally stumped at first, nothing matches the joy he has when she finally cracks the code.


Apparently, this little boy kept telling his mom he wanted to be a quetzalcoatlus for Halloween — an extremely large flying dinosaur. In toddler speak, it was hard for her to understand what he was saying, but eventually (and with the help of the internet) she managed to figure it out.

Seeing his face light up when she showed him the photo of the quetzalcoatlus was priceless... and so is his little voice, proudly saying such a big word. And then, he got even more excited when he found out that his mom had already ordered him the costume. 

This kiddo is precious — and so smart to be able to identify dinosaurs like this, even the ones that have really long, hard to pronounce names. Here's hoping all his dreams come true once he gets to wear that costume!