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Man Sends Embarassing Photo of Drunk Brother to Mom and She Does the Best Thing With It

Not sure if I’d eat that cake...

Birthdays are a great opportunity to celebrate the loved ones in your life. They're the perfect time to reminisce about happy times, laugh over shared memories, and make plans for birthdays to come. Of course, if we're being honest, birthdays are also a great time to poke fun at the girl or boy of the hour. Nothing too mean-spirited, of course, just some light-hearted ribbing. Kind of like what this feisty family planned for @jessegoldmusic's brother in this hilarious video. This definitely took some advance planning, because it all started with a photo one brother took of another brother in a compromising position, and then sent to their mom. What she did next was genius.


Humiliations galore! Seriously, there's nothing like staring down at a birthday cake and seeing your own butt staring back up at you. (While your entire family laughs and laughs.) It's not the most appetizing-looking cake ever, but it sure is funny. 
And what a perfect example of brotherly love. Brothers just have a way of joking with each other (tormenting each other, sometimes) that seems to laugh a lifetime. You can bet when the next brother's birthday comes around, there's going to be an equally embarrassing stunt. (Maybe not a cake this time.)

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