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Little Girl Handles Elf on the Shelf After They “Reported” She Was Naughty to Santa Claus

Do NOT Cross this kid.

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Every family that carries on the Elf on the Shelf tradition does so a little bit differently. Some parents welcome the elf into their home just for fun; setting up different scenes for their children to discover in the morning during the weeks leading up to Christmas is what it's all about. Others really lean in heavily on the surveillance idea, hoping that the elf will encourage kids to be on their best behavior so they don't risk being reported to Santa Claus. 

Kids respond to this in their own way, though, and some refuse to be deterred by a little elf watching their every move in their own house. For example, this little girl on TikTok, who clearly has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to snitches.  

She comes into the room — very proudly, might we add — to make a bit of an alarming announcement: "I killed him." 

When her mom asked for more details, she clarified that she was talking about the elf, "'cause he was telling Santa I was naughty," later adding, "I make him die." 

Listen, we totally get that nobody wants to be spied on (or tattled on, for that matter), but this may have been a bit harsh! Besides, we can't imagine Santa looks too kindly on Elficide. Thankfully, some fellow parents in the comments had a few ideas for how her Mom could handle the situation.

"Get a second one, have it hold some chalk and draw a chalk line around the 'dead' one," one person suggested.

We love it, and if they do take this idea and run with it, we're definitely going to need a follow-up video. For now, though, maybe Mom should sleep with one eye open.

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