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Little Girl Hysterically Picks Scariest Face Painting Pattern

She had no interest in being a princess.

For as many gender stereotypes that are still alive and well in 2022, there are just as many kids proving that they don't have to exist. A simple example of this is face painting. Some little girls might want butterflies on their cheeks while some little boys might want to transform into a dinosaur... but there are even more children who are marching to the tune of their own drum.

One mom on TikTok shared what happened when her little girl got to pick out her own face paint at the pumpkin patch in a video on TikTok. Mom expected her to choose something cute, but instead, her kiddo went in the total opposite direction, and we're loving it!


In the video, we can see her getting her face painted totally green... only to reveal that she'd chosen to get turned into a scary, bloody monster with giant teeth. Seeing her look at her reflection in the mirror when the face painting was done with is too good. At first, she was surprised by what she looked like, but then, it seemed like she really liked it. 

And to be totally fair, even though it wasn't quite what her mom expected, she picked out a really cool look... even if it's a bit scary! But that's what Halloween is all about, right? 

We love this little girl's individuality. She knows what she likes, even if it might not be the expected choice!