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Dad Parodies What Family Dinners Look Like

He absolutely got the moms right...

We definitely remember the time before we were parents, when mealtime wasn't a major source of stress — in fact, it used to be a nice time to sit back and catch up with our partners after a long day. Since having kids, it isn't quite the same. Family dinners can be nice, but most of the time, they're pure chaos.

If you've been feeling this way lately, you're probably going to really relate to this TikTok. One dad parodied the way family dinners usually go, and we have to admit that, as much as we wish he wasn't, this man is spot on (and yes, this is Chris Carmack of The OC and Grey's Anatomy fame). 


From the kid pouring ketchup on his spaghetti to the dad shoveling the food in his mouth as fast as he can, we feel like we've sat at this table before. And then, there was the mother-in-law, questioning whether or not the food was cooked enough when her daughter-in-law was kind enough to make her dinner in the first place (yep, we've all been there). 

But perhaps no role was more accurately portrayed than the one of Mom. Looking stressed from a long day, she's holding a baby and trying to eat with one hand at the same time, and of course, not being successful. 

This is looking a bit too familiar for our comfort, and commenters on the video seemed to agree. 

"So true!!! Missing the toddler throwing their plate off the table… and the husband says 'honey he made a mess,'" one person said.

Yep, he's gotta add that one. This video is just too real!