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Mom Lovingly Roasts Daughter With Hysterical “Before” and “After” School Pictures

She’s too freaking funny.

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If you've ever sent a kid off to class in a carefully selected, super cute school outfit and accessories...and then picked up the same kid from school in what looks like a deconstructed version of the ensemble they left the house in, you'll understand the pain felt by @diana..abdallah in this video. She sent her twin girls to school in the morning looking super cute and stylish, one in a flowery dress and pigtails, the other in a striped maxidress and a headband. No problem, right? Until the end of the day, anyway. Somewhere, at some point during the day, the twin in the maxi dress decided to do some styling of her own. Maybe she was hot. Maybe her legs just needed to be free?


Her mom's frustration is just too hilarious. Girl, why?! Why, indeed? Sometimes as a parent you just have to shrug your shoulders and figure well, it must have looked good to them. This little girl was probably like "Yay, I can fit my whole dress in my shorts! Woo hoo! Now I'm wearing a shirt and shorts!" Whereas her mom was probably like "Oh my god, what if people think I actually dressed my child like this in the morning?" So many of us have been there. Who knows? Maybe dresses stuffed in shorts will be a thing someday.