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People Are Divided Over Mom’s “Favorite” Joke

The jury was totally split on whether this was funny or not.

We hear a lot about dad jokes, but people forget that moms are actually pretty funny too. After all, to get through the stress that raising a child brings, having a sense of humor is absolutely essential. And sometimes, as much as we truly love them, we just have to joke about our kids — it's how we get through the day. 

But one mom's joke is going viral on TikTok right now and it actually turned out to be pretty divisive among commenters. She was just messing around about who her "favorite child" is... but some people don't think it's funny at all.


In the beginning of the video, Mom's pretending to talk to someone who asks her who her favorite child is. To that, she replies, "No, absolutely not. Definitely don't have a favorite child. Nope." 

Then she shows the meals she's prepared for her kids. The food she serves to her toddler has the word "Angel" spelled out in alphabet-shaped potatoes, while the one she gives her infant includes potatoes that spell out the word "prick." OMG! 

We'll admit that we chuckled at this, but not all the commenters on the video thought this was even something she should joke about in the first place. 

"I miss when parents liked being parents. I have three and they are human and have flaws like the rest of us. I love them anyway!" one person wrote.

Others found this video pretty relatable. "I have a favorite child but it isn’t one of mine," a fellow parent joked. 

We have a feeling this mom doesn't actually have a favorite... and this was all in good fun.