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Flower Girl Is Completely On Her Own Time As She Takes a Seat In the Middle of the Aisle

She was working hard and needed a break.

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When it comes to wedding traditions, a big one is having a flower girl and a ring bearer (or even a few of each). It's a sweet way to include the littlest members of your family in your big day, but any couple planning their wedding knows that this doesn't come without at least a small bit of risk. After all, kids are known for being unpredictable — just when you think you know how they're going to act, they totally switch it up on you.

The flower girl in this TikTok video that's going viral is a perfect example of how that can happen — but honestly, it created an adorable moment in the process. She was totally doing her own thing right in the middle of the wedding ceremony, and truly, we have to respect it. 

She was just one of a few flower girls, but she didn't waste any time becoming the star of the show. She sauntered down the aisle at this beach wedding with her basket of flower petals in hand as planned... until she decided that she wanted to sit down and play before she had even made it to the altar.

One of the older flower girls did her best to convince her to get up and keep walking, but this little queen absolutely wasn't having it. Who doesn't admire someone who does what they want no matter what other people might think? 

All we know is that if she decides to get married someday, the flower girl she chooses better repay the favor. LOL! 

We don't know how or if this situation eventually resolved itself, but we can't imagine that the couple getting married was too upset about this. With a moment as cute as this, how could they be? 

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