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Mom Accidentally Dyes Daughter’s Hair Rainbow Colors a Week Before Sister’s Wedding and Her Reaction Is Priceless

Embrace the weird people.

If you can't be weird around your family, who can you be weird around? If you come from a family of oddballs, you know that it can be hard to find kindred spirits in life, so you have to appreciate the weirdos you know and love 

In this video from @dabatesfam, two sisters are going back and forth about one sister's upcoming wedding. It turns out one sister has done something kind of unexpected...she sort of dyed her daughters' hair neon pink and blue right before the wedding. Whoops! What if that wasn't exactly what the bride had in mind for her flower girls?


What a cool bride! Not only was she fine with the hair, she was legit cool with the hotdog costume. It's so important to keep a sense of humor on your wedding day, and apparently it helps when you're a bit of an oddball. 

Commenters agreed that there's no need for a stuffy wedding vibe when you can have fun like this. The memories of that little hotdog at the wedding will be so much more fun than boring old regular wedding memories would have been...
"This is the best. No need to fuss over silly rules when you can just have fun and love"
"Talk about memories! I love this!"
"This is too good! Cutest lil hotdog I’ve ever seen"
"OK but I love your sister ! she has the best reaction and she was so cool when you told her"
"my sister wore a dinosaur costume at my wedding... lol"

There's no wrong way to wedding! And when you have a bunch of weirdos at the helm, you can be sure of having an especially interesting special day.