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Dad Awkwardly Explains Why Dragonflies Aren’t Gay and His Daughter’s Response Is Golden

This is peak toddler.

Kids are known for asking a lot of questions — it just comes with the territory, starting around the same time they have a good grasp on speech. Some of their questions can get a little annoying (read: the "are we there yet" genre) but in a lot of cases, they're pretty adorable. Who doesn't love having the chance to explain something about the world to their kid? 

And in the case of one toddler on TikTok, we get a glimpse into how sweet and open their little minds can be. According to her dad, the little girl wanted to know why so many dragonflies were flying around. From there, the conversation went in an unexpected direction.


Dad explained that they were looking for mates so that they could have babies, and when she asked if the boys were looking for girls, he said yes... which prompted her to wonder if the girls could look for girls and the boys could look for boys to be their partner, to which Dad replied that he didn't know if they knew they could do that.

This sweet kiddo proceeded to go looking for dragonflies in the backyard to let them know that they "can fall in love with whoever they want." Convenient that this video was filmed during pride month! 

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This little girl gets it on the most basic level: It's okay to love who you love, whether you're a person or a dragonfly.

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