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Little Girl Hysterically Fills In For College Professor Late to Class

She had them under control.

If you've gone to college, you know that things happen last minute. Sometimes, a class ends up getting canceled just as it was supposed to begin, which means the students waiting outside the door end up having to turn around and leave (not always a bummer!) and sometimes, the professor is simply late. They're human; it happens!

But in one case, the late professor in question was totally covered... even if their substitute teacher wasn't exactly who you might expect. In a video that's going viral on TikTok, we can see a little girl taking over a college class where the professor was running late, and she had the whole class singing the ABCs with her.

Honestly, she commands a classroom better than some trained professionals would! 


The best part is that nobody seemed to know where the little girl came from, though some people in the comments guessed that she was likely the child of one of the students who brought their daughter with her to class. In any event, she seemed perfectly at home up there in front of a crowd! 

And as far as the more than 1,100 commenters on the video are concerned, she was doing a great job.

"That child has no fear. She took control of the situation without question or self doubt. We should put her in charge of the country," one person wrote.

We only wish we could have seen what happened when the professor eventually showed up and realized they'd been replaced!