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Poor Kid Has the Most Hysterical and Relatable Breakdown Ever

Girl, we’d be just as devastated.

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If you've ever raised young children, you know that tantrums and meltdowns — whether they're logical or not — are part of the routine. They're still learning how to handle their biggest emotions, and they aren't often compelled to hide them the way adults sometimes will. This means that what would be a minor disappointment to a grown up ends up feeling (and looking) like something absolutely devastating has happened to our child.

And that includes the reaction to a pretty normal bummer that one mom shared on TikTok recently. This little girl is having an absolute breakdown because her family isn't going to Chick-Fil-A, and honestly, this is the kind of reaction we all have internally when we don't get to eat what we want for lunch, even if we don't show it in quite the way she does! 

In the video, we can see a little girl sitting in the backseat, sobbing her little eyes out. There are real tears and everything, and it hurts to see her so sad! But fortunately, what's happening that caused the tears isn't as bad as you might be imagining. After her mom asks her why she's crying, she says, "dad said no" to going to Chick-Fil-A. So sad! 

We get it. We've all been disappointed to skip out on fast food we've been craving, even when we do have food at home we should be eating instead.

In the comments, people shared that they could definitely relate, and some even admonished her dad for making her so upset. LOL! 

"He chose violence. He has a girl who knows what she wants and he said no. Wrong answer, Dad," one person wrote. 

Chick-Fil-A will be there to have another day, but we still hope she cheered up quickly!

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