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Toddler Gives Grandma Very Accurate Medical Diagnosis

She knows her stuff.

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There are some games that pretty much all toddlers like to play, and "doctor" is one of them. Toddlers make very enthusiastic physicians, too. They love asking lots of questions and they're generally very confident about their diagnosis. 

Like the toddler in this video from @kerry_kate. Grandma is having some trouble with her knee...lots of conditions with long words for names. But that's not stopping her granddaughter from figuring out what's wrong here. She's a doctor, after all. 

So cute! "When Grandma plays Doctor a little too real," the mom wrote. 

This toddler definitely took her game seriously! The way she peered at her Grandma through her upside-down glasses when she described her symptoms like she was really taking it all in. "I'm just gonna take a peek to make sure everything is okay," she says, just like a real doctor. 

Commenters couldn't get over this "doctor's appointment."

"pretty accurate doctors appointment"
"After the whole appt and all that the conclusion was, was "I think your knee is bothering you" ACCURATE"
"Ma'am, I'm just a pretend doctor."
"never trust a Dr with upside down glasses!"
"Great eye contact, fantastic listening, good differential and clinical plan"
"Starting her residency early"
"Love how grandma is talking with her"

Other commenters loved how the grandmother was speaking with the little girl, too, using real medical terminology and not dumbing things down to say she had an "owie" or "boo boo" or something similar. Who knows, with this kind of start, maybe this little girl really will end up as a doctor!

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