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Daughter Sarcastically Hypes Up Mom and It’s Too Funny

Girl has got JOKES

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Let's be honest: Back-to-school shopping is way more fun for parents than kids. It's just a fact. And why not? School supplies are so appealing, so bright and cheerful and organized. They make you believe THIS is the year you're going to stay on top of everything. To kids, on the other hand, school supplies And they're just not as excited. Take the little girl in @abbeyfickley's video. Her mom is super psyched about what looks like a new pencil holder of some kind, and all she wants is for her daughter to join in her excitement. Except, well, her daughter isn't that jazzed.


Too hilarious. Realizing right away that her lackluster initial reaction wasn't going to cut it, this girl goes into over-the-top mode: "Oh my god, I love it!" Let it never be said that kids don't understand sarcasm, because they are the masters. 
At the end of the day, though, that girl is going to be happy that her mom was so excited about buying school supplies, because she's going to end up with all the cutest, most useful cases and notebooks and folders and pens, while the kids of parents who forget to shop until the weekend before school are stuck with whatever wasn't sold out at Target. At least somebody's having fun shopping!