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Watch Little Girl Hysterically Lose Fight Against Pizza Dough

It's harder than it looks.

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Some cooking projects sound like so much fun, but actually entail a surprising amount of work. Quite a few desserts fall into this category, especially if they're supposed to look cute or resemble something specific. But some seemingly more straight-up foods can pose big challenges too, especially if you're new to this stuff. 

That's what the little girl in this hilarious video from @poppy.rebel is discovering about pizza. Making pizza always sounds like so much fun, right? Especially with kids. But all you ever think about is the part when they sprinkle the toppings on, not the part where they have to turn a clump of dough into a pizza crust.

You've got to love her "eh, this is good enough" attitude. She's been rolling and rolling and rolling and now she's exhausted, and probably a lot more interested in eating pizza than making it at this point.

Commenters thought it was adorable how she was acting super stressed out and frazzled like a real mom trying to make dinner...
"a single mom who works two jobs"
"When she wipes the sweat off her brow"
"Grandma 'Well you know what' that gets me"
"She said I'm the only one keeping the household together"
"Overworked underpaid"
"Someone's Nona came back as this little girl"
"This is how I get through each workday"
"She's rolling for her life"
"She was an abuela in a former life...LOL"

It's true, this little girl does seem to have an old soul. And she does seem really tired of cooking. Seems perfectly plausible that she's a reincarnated grandma!

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