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Girl Hilariously and Adorably Believes the Animatronic Reindeer at Park Is Sven from “Frozen”

She’s literally slack-jawed

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Everybody is different when they spot a celebrity. Some people stay cool and act like nothing is going on and then just spy on the celeb at close range. Others freak out and find they can't stop themselves from approaching the celeb and begging for a selfie or an autograph. And still others are just dumbstruck and find they can scarcely move while they're in the same vicinity as the celebrity.

In this video from @sarahjaneeaton8, we meet a little girl who's a little starstruck. Beyond starstruck, really. She's like, jaw-on-the-floor shocked over what she thinks is a sighting of Sven from "Frozen." Well, Sven and his friends, really. 

The look on her face! She's just in utter disbelief. These guys don't really look like Sven at all, is the funny thing, but the resemblance is just close enough for her imagination to make the leap. You know this little girl is a hardcore "Frozen" fan when she's seeing characters everywhere in the world around her. And of course there's no reason at all to tell her those guys aren't makes way more sense to just let her believe she's having a magical encounter. Because in her mind, it is!

Commenters got into a bit of a debate over the leash the little girl was wearing, with most arguing for leashes, noting that there are too many kids who will dash into traffic out there, not to mention too many kidnappers who could grab a kid and run away in seconds. Leashes are for children's safety, and nobody should have a problem with that. Let kids be safe to obsess over the animatronic displays at the park without having to worry about their safety. 

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