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Mom Fakes Phone Call To See How Nosey Her Kid Is and TBH the Result Is Hysterical

Move over Lady Whistledown, this toddler is coming for your job.

If there is anything a mom can tell you, it’s that their kids always want to be included. Those little feet pad around to follow you everywhere, be it the kitchen to get a glass of water or a trip to the bathroom. One universal experiences for parents everywhere is the five million interruptions their field while on the phone.

Though at the time it can be admittedly annoying, we know they just want to be included. But one mom decided to test just how much her kid would bug we while on the phone if she made the gossip sound extra juicy. The little girl’s reaction is absolutely everything. 


“Oh my gosh no way, that happened?” the mom pretends to ask someone on the phone while her daughter, Harper, is  just a few inches away. Immediately we see her blonde, curly head whip around and ask with wide eyes “What happened?”

The mom continued to hype up the drama, which lead to the daughter practically blowing a gasket over what the tea is. 

The video, which was obviously just made in good fun, drew a variety of criticisms form TikTokers. Half of them thought the little girl was hilarious and admitted they still act like that when their mom is gossiping on the phone, while the other thought the mom should have used this as a “learning” opportunity to not interrupt adults. 

As a seasoned mama, let me tell you: It doesn’t matter if I am gossiping on the phone or calling a pediatrician for an appointment, my kid wants to be part of it. So before we all gang up on this mom just remember, kids are kids and one viral clip doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about their family.