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Grandson Gets Grandma to Explain Her “Weird Sayings” and It’s Too Funny

She definitely speaks her own language.

As adults, it's wild to hear our parents' and grandparents' voices come out of our own mouths — has anyone not caught themselves saying something their elders used to say all the time? But not all of their signature phrases make sense to younger generation. And honestly, it's impossible not to laugh at some of these colloquialisms, as old fashioned and outdated as they might be.

Case in point: The conversation this grown up grandson had with his grandma on TikTok. He got her to explain her "weird sayings," and some of them are so funny that we might just start incorporating them into our own vocabularies.


He started off with a list of his favorite phrases that his grandma says, asking what each of them means, and right off the bat, we could tell this was going to be good. The first saying is one a lot of parents can relate to: "I'll go to the foot of our stairs," which is what she expresses when she feels like she went downstairs to get something and forgot why she was down there. We're with her on that one! 

Then, there's "stiff your knickers" and "strewth," both of which led to a lot of laughter from them both. Something tells us making this video is going to end up a core memory for this grandson.

Their relationship seems so sweet, and we know these phrases are something this grandson is going to remember about his grandma forever. Hopefully, some of them will continue to be spread by him!