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Grandma Goes Full Stealth Mode In Order to Leave Before Granddaughter Notices

It’s like she's a maternal James Bond...

Some babies and toddlers are totally cool with transitions, but for others, parents learning how to keep a tantrum at bay becomes an art. We all know what it likes for a little kid to have a meltdown when someone they love has to leave. It can be so explosive that figuring out a way to craftily avoid it becomes necessary! 

There's at least one grandma out there who has mastered this skill, and thanks to TikTok, maybe we can copy her technique. When it was time for her to go home, she was able to make a stealth exit so her granddaughter wouldn't notice, no sad goodbyes necessary. She's our hero!


Grandma and her granddaughter were sitting on the couch watching TV together when she had to leave, and she managed to do it in the smoothest way possible. Without making a sound, Grandma slowly inched her way across the couch so she got farther and farther away from the little one.

Once she was off the couch, she crawled behind the couch to the door, leaving with her granddaughter none the wiser. These are some Mission Impossible level stealth moves! 

Many people who watched the video could relate.

"I feel this. I can't do anything without my granddaughter at my heels. or asking me what I'm doing. Or waiting for me at the bathroom door to finish," one fellow grandparent wrote.

That's just how they show their love... even if we wish it was a bit easier for grandparents and parents to leave. We admire this lady's skills!