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Grandmom Gets Shock of Her Life When She Sees Grandson For the First Time With Short Hair

She wasn’t expecting that!

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First haircuts can be traumatic, and not just for kids. Seeing those soft baby ringlets get snipped is enough to take a parent’s breath away, even if the end result is just as ridiculously adorable. What parent doesn’t have a tiny plastic baggie with a little curl of hair in it stuffed in a drawer somewhere? Maybe that’s why so many kids seem to be sporting longer hair these days…it’s just too hard to cut it! For some reason, this particular rite of passage is an emotional one. Even grandparents can get a little thrown off guard by a grandkid's first time in the hairdresser's chair, as this video by @brunoojordann shows. When a 4-year-old shows up to grandma and grandpa's house with a brand new 'do, grandma has quite a reaction.


Clearly grandma was not prepared to see her little baby grandson with a bonafide big boy haircut strolling up to her front door. She could barely recognize him (how many 4-year-olds show up on her doorstep with Connect 4, anyway?). And grandpa wasn’t any less surprised, that’s for sure. 

The important thing is, the little boy seems happy enough with his cut, and that's all that really matters. Once grandma gets over her baby meeting this particular milestone, she'll be on board, too.