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Grandma and Grandkid Play Hysterical “Pants” Prank on Grandpop

The laugh makes it.

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You've probably heard it said that being a grandparent is the best thing ever, because you get all the fun of parenthood and none of the responsibilities. In other words, you can spend all day playing and then hand them over to their parents when they're tired and dirty (though the truly award-winning grandparents stick around for that part too and help get them to bed).

The grandparents in this video from @jenca2007 definitely aren't too old to play and have fun. In fact, Grandma is all about the pranks as she and the little grandchild pull a good old fashioned "pantsing" on Grandpop. Then, it's time to run away!

So hilarious and adorable. The way she takes her Grandma's hand to lead her over to do the deed...and then the gleeful way she runs away laughing! It's just so funny. This is exactly the kind of holiday fun that little ones should be having with their grandparents. Or anytime fun, really. It just goes to show that getting in a kind of festive mood just takes a little bit of a silly spirit.

What do you think Grandpa did when he caught up with those two? It's safe to say there were lots of hugs and giggles and kisses. Little ones love nothing more to surprise grown-ups, whether it's with a prank or a trick or just a big hug when they're not expecting it. Pantsing your Grandpop while he does the dishes definitely falls into that category, too.

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