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Greek Life “Dayger” Gets Hilariously Hype Over Neighbor’s Baby

They were ready to let him pledge

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When you think of a bunch of kids having a fraternity party, you probably think of beer-related hijinks like the kind you see in the movies. Everybody knows how wild and out of hand these college gatherings can get, not to mention X-rated. It's all part of "Greek culture." So it's kind of a surprise to see a horde of frat boys and their friends at a "dayger" (that's "daytime rager" for those not in-the-know) cheering for...the baby next door? That's exactly what you'll see in @tanganator's video: A huge throng of young people jumping up and down and pumping their fists for a sort of confused-looking baby. 


How did this chant get started, one wonders? Probably the baby was just on his back porch with his dad and somebody caught sight of them. "Hey, a baby!" "Yeah, a baby!" "BABY! BABY!" It's actually pretty hilarious to think about. But hey, you know how it is: enthusiasm spreads, especially when you're young and buzzed on beer and it's a beautiful day outside. If the dad let them, they probably would have let this baby pledge. Although that's an idea that might have been a lot less appealing once everybody sobered up.