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Frustrated Dad Shares Hysterical Video Of ’Necklace’ His Toddler Got Stuck In

Get the bolt cutters!

When people call toddlers “tiny terrorists” they are only half teasing. The truth is, you turn your back on those adorable turds for one second and something is bound to go wrong. As much as we love them, sometimes they pull a stunt so cataclysmic that all we can really do is laugh. And that’s exactly where one dad is after discovering his toddler mistook something for a necklace that definitely was not. 


Oh yes, that’s right. His sweet baby girl toddler picked an old gun lock he tossed out of the trash and proceeded to lock it around her next. The reason he got rid of it? He couldn’t find a key.

Y’all putting two and two together now?

“Why did you do that?” the dad asks in a voice of restraint that ever parent knows all too well. 

“I thought it was a necklace,” she answered simply.

It was then with a measured voice the dad tells her it is in fact not a necklace but a keyless gun lock, and informed her they were either going to have to go to the fire department to get it off or get some bolt cutters. He also reminded her that he and her mommy often told her not to put stuff around her neck  before sending her out the door.

Perhaps the best part of the video is when he absolutely cracks up when she’s out of ear shot and then rubs his eyes stating “I need a break.”

We feel that dad. Here’s to hoping the lock removal goes well.