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Mom Playfully Roasts Different Parents' Halloween Costume Choices and They’re Hysterically Accurate

Too good!

Before our kids hit the age where they can pick their own Halloween costumes, parents get to live in the golden era of choosing their costumes for them. It only lasts a couple of years, but it feels like a special kind of power being able to decide what they'll wear on October 31. It's truly a time to savor, because once they're vocalizing their opinions, you'll never get that time back!

Of course, that means that whatever Halloween costume you choose for your children says a lot about you as a parent (and a person), as one mom on TikTok is pointing out. Her commentary on different costumes for babies is so hilarious... because it's so true.


According to this mom, parents who dress their babies as a Sesame Street character "listen to a ton of NPR and often you say, 'oh, you know, I read somewhere...' but you didn't. You didn't read it anywhere, babe. You heard it in a podcast." 

And for parents who dress their babies like ghosts? She said, "You are a hipster and I would imagine that their nursery is in all beiges." 

Then, there are the parents who dress their kids like Bluey, which means they are a "big time crier" who has a "lot of big feelings." 

This is all scarily accurate — how does she do this?! 

Bottom line: Dress your kid how you want, but just know that people are going to have opinions... and if you're lucky, they'll be as funny as the ones this woman is sharing.