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People Are Slack-Jawed Over Boy With Autism’s Amazing Twirling Skills

How is he not dizzy?!

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So often, being a parent means watching your kids do things that you could never imagine doing as an adult — at least, not without seriously paying for it. Kids somehow have the capacity to run around all day long without getting tired, spin in circles without getting dizzy, and be totally ready for another round after sitting still for 10 minutes or less. If we had that kind of energy now, we'd be unstoppable!

One mom took to TikTok to share the special trick her son with autism can do, and now, people are in total awe over his skills after the video went viral. This isn't something that just anyone — even a fellow kid — could pull off! 

Her son is spinning endlessly in the kitchen with headphones on, and we have so many questions about how he got this good at it. How is he so fast? And how did he simply stop when he decided he was done and walk away, totally steady? This kid has talent.

Also, no word on what the music was that was playing in his headphones was, but the song his mom picked for the video — "About Damn Time" by Lizzo — is so perfect that we kind of hope that's what he was listening to while spinning.

People shared how impressed they were in the comments, including more than one commenter who said mama needs to get him into figure skating lessons ASAP. 

"I’m watching his feet and my brain does not comprehend how his feet are moving and how he spins so fast. Looks so effortless for him," one person shared.

This is such a special skill, and we love seeing it so appreciated. 

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