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Mom Asks Kids What They Say Behind Her Back When They're Upset With Her and Their Answers Are Ruthless

Every parent should ask their kid this.

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When we know our kids are angry with us, we know they're likely thinking less-than-kind thoughts about us. But what do they actually think? When we send them to their rooms or take away their electronics or nag them about their homework, what are they actually saying about us behind our backs? When do they really think about us when their emotions get the better of them?

In an extremely brave move, @kylinewife decided to actually ask her children what they say about her behind her back when they're upset with her. As she wrote, "I was not prepared..."

Whoa. Well, she did ask them what they said (and told them that they wouldn't get in trouble!). In all honesty, this is probably pretty standard. And what was so sweet was how teary-eyed the daughter got when she was talking about it...she clearly felt bad about saying and thinking those things, but she wanted to be honest at the same time. These are kids who clearly love their mother. 

And what a great, air-clearing thing to do! Instead of people holding on to their negative thoughts and feeling bad about them, this mom gave her kids the opportunity to vent and free themselves. 

Commenters found this exercise super relatable, and also that the kids were super sweet...
"'take a f*cking nap'" is by far the sweetest thing they could ever say"
"your girl really didn't want to hurt your feelings she's so cute and sweet haha"
"I say the same about my 4yo under my breath so we all human here lol"
"Your son didn't wait a SECOND. He's been waiting on this question"
"Best parent ever! The fact that they are comfortable enough to actually tell you is so amazing"
"The guilt crying to get it out. These kids are so pure."

What a truly effective exercise for a family to try! These guys clearly have nothing to worry about in the communication department.