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People Are Cracking Up Over This Kid Flying Down a Hill on His Bike


The very things we loved most about riding our bikes as kids are the same things that make us the most nervous about kids riding them as parents! There is truly nothing more fun than riding your bike down a very big hill (though we'll admit it's the perfect scenario for an injury to happen!). 

That doesn't mean we aren't going to laugh when other people's kids pull a major trick on their bikes, though. In fact, one kid riding his bike down a steep hill has people on TikTok laughing, especially since the boy in question seems to have a flair for the comedic to begin with.


The footage shows a kid absolutely speeding down a hill at a park where a lot of people are hanging out, so he had a huge audience. As he flies by, he yells, "Incoming!" He manages to come to a stop slowly without incident, which might be what impresses us the most about this video. And no, his parents don't seem to be anywhere in sight.

(And yes, we do wish he was wearing a helmet — safety first!)

In the comments, people are absolutely loving this. Over 14,000 people have shared their thoughts, and they are obsessed with this danger seeking kid.

"Somewhere there’s a proud parent wondering 'where did billy go?'" one person wrote. Another added, "This is the type of offspring I’m trying to have." 

We love how brave this kid is. But like we said... wear a helmet next time!