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Mom Records Moment Son Graduates to Manhood When He “Can’t Find Bagels Anywhere”

So it is genetic?!

While sweeping generalizations about genders are generally never true, there are definitely some stereotypes that have a nugget of truth in them. After all, these things wouldn't become stereotypes if they hadn't happened so many times to so many people. Like the whole generalization about men not being able to find anything

In this video from @michelletaylor1315, a tween boy is convinced that they don't have any bagels in the house. He knows because he's looked, okay? He'll even prove it to his mom, showing her on camera that there are no bagels. Except mom has her camera focused on some evidence to the contrary. 


Too funny. They're RIGHT THERE, dude! Just look two inches up! It's so painful to watch for any mom who's watched her husband and/or son "look" for something that's more or less right in front of their face. How hard can it be to just look around a little more? Sometimes you have to wonder if they're doing it on purpose. 

Commenters totally felt this mom's pain, 100%. 
"So you’re saying men are born this way"
"if it's not at eye level it's invisible my kids are the same way"
"I always ask 'did you look with your boy eyes or your Mama eyes?'"
"lol, I'd say l, "guess you can't have any." then later make myself one and eat it in front of him"
"How dare you put the bagels on a higher shelf"
"Oh no! I'm not ready for my son to get his 'man-sight'"
"lol I’m so glad other boys/men never move anything around to look or look up & down. only straight ahead & if it’s not there then we don’t have it!"
"my mom would always say  'If it was a snake it would have bit you'"

Here's hoping it's not irreversible...maybe this boy still has a chance at learning how to look for things. Otherwise, mom's going to have a lot of hunting to do.