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Kid Hysterically Imitates Mom and Thinks He 100% Nailed His Impression

Hope mom can laugh about this.

Our kids are always watching us. We know this, but it's hard to be perfect people all the time. Especially when your children are driving you nuts and there are a million chores that need to be done and everything you clean just instantly gets dirty again. Sometimes we might get a little cranky. Or maybe a lot of the time. 

In this hilarious video from @emmerson.freeman, we see a little boy who's been keeping a very keen eye on his mom and her habits and mannerisms...and now he's perfected his impression. It's so relatable, you just know this kid hit the nail on the head.


You have to come away from this video thinking two things: First, that kid is really funny and talented, and second, it's so freaking hard to be a mom! No wonder she flips out if somebody shoots her with a Nerf gun when she's just trying to have five minutes on the couch with her phone and a blankie. The toys that get tipped over right when she gets done cleaning? The offer of "help"? The pencil with NO ERASER?! It's just all too much. 

Commenters thought this kid was a total riot...
"the face when someone asks to help clean is so real"
"His face when he helped clean the wall HAHAHHAHAHAHA"
"I love the nerf gun scene"
"Put him on acting school RIGHT NOW he is amazing"
"i completely understand the pencil w no eraser bc then i imagine the noise the metal will make if i scrape it on paper and then i gag"
"The community water scene took me outttt"
"He was a mother in his past life"
"It’s like watching my own life unfold"

Seriously, maybe this kid should have a regular show or something. He's clearly got the gift of being able to entertain, and he does a pretty great mom impression!