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Funny Kid Is Beyond Thrilled to Get PJs for Christmas

He brought N64 energy to this gift!

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If you're a parent, there's a good chance that making the holidays magical for your children is high on your list... and that often includes the gifts you buy them for Christmas. Whether Santa Claus is a thing in your house or not, you want them to have that wow-factor when they wake up and start ripping into their gifts (as much as your budget will allow, anyway). But no matter how excited you think they'll be about a particular present, they always have a way of surprising us.

The perfect example of this is this little boy on TikTok, who is the perfect embodiment of a toddler on Christmas. No matter what you bought your kid, they will be thrilled with the littlest thing... and for this kiddo, it was pajamas. 

He shook open his gift bag only to see pajamas fall out, and he went absolutely wild — with the help of his dad, who was being the biggest Christmas hype man ever right next to him. The two of them really took it to the next level with their PJ excitement. Truly, we would have assumed he just unwrapped the keys to a brand new car or something! 

As fun as this is to watch, we love what it's teaching him, even from such a young age: To be appreciative and excited about every single gift. After all, it's not the price tag of the gift that matters so much as the thought that's behind it, and that's a lesson that every child needs to learn around the holiday season. Plenty of commenters on the video seemed to agree, too.

"How all kids should be taught to receive gifts," one person wrote, adding several clapping hands emojis.

We hope this kid is always this excited about pajamas. It's true: The right pair really can be life changing.

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