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Mom Tried to Warn Daughter Against Punching Son and Her Response Was Savage

Mom never really has to worry about her being a doormat at least...

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Siblings can be pretty wild. Playing together like the best of friends one minute, tearing each other apart the next. As a parent, what can you really do? You might think you can keep the peace, but honestly, there's not a whole lot you can do. You can bribe, you can threaten, you can set a good example, but siblings have their own relationship.

Sometimes you might think you can interfere enough to at least keep things from getting too out of control, but even then, it's not necessarily going to work. Like the story @maisey.yates tells in this video. It's about the time when she tried to warn her youngest child not to punch her oldest child. She tried to prevent it. She told her to think it through. The problem? Her daughter thought it through, but she decided to go ahead with the punch anyway.

Welp, what can you do? She gave it some thought, and still she was ready to go through with that punch, consequences be darned. What happened after the punch? Mom left that part out. Most likely, that feisty younger child will be just fine in life. Seems like mom doesn't feel like she has to worry too much about her. 

What of that eldest child, left to be punched? Maybe he punched back. Maybe he blocked it. Maybe it turned into an all-out, drag-out fight. Or maybe once that punch happened, tensions deescalated and the siblings were able to play peacefully again. The truth is, when you're parenting siblings, you have to be ready for any of these things.