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Aunt Asks Niece If She Wants to Get Married When She Grows Up and Her Response Was Epic

We bet that aunt felt equal parts proud and embarrassed.

There are few things better than hearing kids' ideas of what their futures will look like. Sure, they have no idea what the real world will entail, but that's the best part. It means they dream big — and that they feel no pressure from what society might expect of them the way that adults often do. 

The one thing that might influence them, though? The way they see the adults in their lives are living. So when this aunt asked her niece if she wants to get married when she's all grown up and shared the results on TikTok, maybe we shouldn't have been surprised that her response included emulating the person who was asking her the question. 

"No," she said. "I wanna live like you." 


It was even better when she elaborated on her answer, saying, "I wanna have cats and live alone!" 

Well, that had to be partly embarrassing, knowing that her niece views her as a cat lady... but honestly, it's also a compliment, because her aunt is obviously living a life fun enough that she wants to have it for herself someday! 

In the caption, the aunt confessed that this is an old video and she's actually married now, so It's not like she stayed a cat lady forever! 

Honestly, we can't fault this little girl. She knows what she wants, and that's to spend a lot of time alone with her cats. We can think of lives that would be a lot worse!