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Little Girl Absolutely Roasts Mom’s “Messy” Hair In the Cutest Way Ever

Honesty at its finest.

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One thing about little kids we both love and hate at the same time: The fact that they are usually brutally honest. They haven't quite learned how to lie out of politeness yet, and while sometimes, that's very entertaining, other times, they can be downright insulting. At least we can trust to always get the truth about how we look from them! 

One little girl on TikTok didn't hold back when it came to talking about her mom's hair. In a video, a small child is telling her mom what she thinks she should do with her hair, and she told it like it is: "Mommy, I love you but really your hair is so messy. I think you should take a shower today." 

What did we tell you? Brutal — and it's even better hearing it in the video in her tiny voice.


Mom showed what she looked like at the time, and it wasn't that bad — just typical Mom hair, most of us know the drill. Still, it was actually kind of sweet that her little girl was looking out for her like that! We should all be free to take a shower and actually do the basics of caring for ourselves every day. Maybe she was just encouraging her to demand a bit more me time? 

If nothing else, this mom can always trust her daughter to tell her the truth, no sugar coating. That's a valuable quality in a person! 

Good for her for raising an honest little girl... even if the truth hurts sometimes.