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Mom Films Picking Up Son From First Day of Pre-K And Gets Unexpected Reaction

Apparently he isn’t a fan

There are so many emotions that come with the first day of Pre-K. For the parents, there's anxiety, excitement, and maybe a little sadness (your baby is growing up). Kids go through basically the same things, if you think about it: They might be looking forward to meeting new friends and playing with different toys but they're probably a little nervous, too. What if the kids are mean? What if the teacher isn't nice? What if it's too hard being away from home all by themselves? As a parent, all you can do is hope for the best. Like the mom in this video from @capn_brooke, who wants to know if her little boy had fun on his first day of school. She seems to be expecting him to say yes, but it turns out his reality didn’t match up to her expectations.

He did not have fun, thank you very much. Don’t be fooled by that paper crown: Pre-K was most definitely not a rockin’ experience. And how could it be, if the teacher screamed at him? Of course, this illustrates a classic conundrum for parents – how literally do you take a 4-year-old’s recollection of his day? It’s pretty rare for Pre-K teachers to scream at their students. Sure, it’s possible…but it’s also probable that he was perhaps told to go back to his place on the carpet or put the blocks away in a firm voice. It’s hard to be told what to do by somebody other than your parents. On the bright side, the first day is usually the hardest. Before long, he’ll be wearing that paper crown and meaning it.

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